katherine firkin

Katherine Firkin is a Melbourne journalist, currently with CBS New York.

She has over a decade of experience and has worked across every medium – print, online, television and radio.

Katherine has been writing fiction from a young age, and she studied literature and journalism at university. Her debut novel is inspired by the many criminal trials she has covered.

Nancy Pelosi appears unfamiliar with the long-standing ANZUS treaty, before praising PM Scott Morrison for his “leadership” on climate change. My piece for Ten ⬇️ #auspol

10 News First@10NewsFirst

Scott Morrison is continuing to build relations in Washington D.C. however, French President Emmanuel Macron is still ignoring the Prime Minister's phone calls | @KatherineFirkin

PM Scott Morrison is joining US President Joe Biden for their first in-person meeting, happening in New York. “We share a partnership that favours freedom,” Morrison said.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison is in New York tonight and is dealing with the fall-out from the nuclear submarine deal with the European Union joining France in threatening retaliation | @KatherineFirkin

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