katherine firkin

Katherine Firkin is a Melbourne journalist, currently with CBS New York.

She has over a decade of experience and has worked across every medium – print, online, television and radio.

Katherine has been writing fiction from a young age, and she studied literature and journalism at university. Her debut novel is inspired by the many criminal trials she has covered.

Hurricane Ian has continued to unleash its fury across America's southeast coast making a second landfall in South Carolina battering the state with strong winds and a high storm surge|@KatherineFirkin

One of the largest recorded storms to ever strike the US is roaring through Florida, causing untold levels of destruction. Hurricane Ian made landfall earlier this morning as a Category-4 system bringing severe flooding and leaving millions in the dark | @KatherineFirkin

Donald Trump is accused of overvaluing his assets in an NY lawsuit - which could bring down the Trump Organization ⬇️

10 News First@10NewsFirst

Donald Trump and his family is being sued by New York over allegedly inflating the value of their company's assets l @KatherineFirkin

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