katherine firkin

Katherine Firkin is a Melbourne journalist, currently with CBS New York.

She has over a decade of experience and has worked across every medium – print, online, television and radio.

Katherine has been writing fiction from a young age, and she studied literature and journalism at university. Her debut novel is inspired by the many criminal trials she has covered.

Oscar-winning singer and songwriter Irene Cara has died aged 63 from unknown causes. Cara was best known for performing the title tracks to the 1980s films Flashdance and Fame l @KatherineFirkin

Five people have died and another 25 are injured after a gunman opened fire inside the LGBTQIA+ venue 'Club Q' in the U.S. state of Colorado l @KatherineFirkin

Donald Trump is back. The former president earlier today announced he is running again to be President - calling America a "failed nation" that only he can fix | @KatherineFirkin

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